Much Love To All Those

You can only have one Grand Opening of a business.

Yes, you can have re-openings, new management openings, I don’t know a bunch of different stuff that could warrant the title of “Grand Opening.”  That really isn’t our style though.  We think if you are going to do something, an it is going to be the kick off, we want it to be absolutely the best we can have for that singular moment of time.  Last night’s official kick off of Burning Spider Stoke Company’s existence was not a disappointment.  We had a blast.

More importantly than us having fun, was the opportunity to show our friends and family a good time.  I am pretty sure we nailed it.  So much love and raditude was flowing and showing.  So many people came out, had a good time, and showed their support it is truly humbling and inspiring.  It makes me want to work even harder to show people their support is not unfounded or misplaced.

Last night some old photo’s were found of Billy and I doing our first board set up clinic.  It was at the old shop, AKA our living room.  Packed full of dudes we had just met, the scene was just getting set up and started and everything felt so new.  The truly crazy thing is that event/clinic was on March 2nd, 2012.  We hadn’t officially set up the business yet, it was just two dudes and a community wanting to spread some stoke and engage in a conversation as simple as board set up.  We learned a lot, not just about technical stuff, but about the people.

Only two short years ago and here we are.  Doing just that, day in day out.  Spreading good vibes, and handing out high fives like the candy man from the original Willy Wonka.  We could not be here, now, doing what we are doing if we didn’t have the people believing in us and allowing us to do this.  Much love and respect to everyone.  You have no idea how much all of you in the scene mean to us.  All those that started us out, taught us, and continue to believe the debt we bear can never be paid off all the way.  All we can ask is for continued opportunity to service you and the community that is built with every session and every moment in between.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.  It only gets better from here, and it is already pretty bad ass.

Stay Stoked.

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