Moving In the Right Directions

Lots of good stuff going on here at the shop.  Just a bunch of little things really, but all of them are pretty radical.

We finally got verified by Google today, so that means when people look up skate shops, Bam!  We are on the list when people look up skate shops.

Another cool thing is we have a way to get our shirt designs out to people without putting up a huge amount of overhead.  We have accomplished this through our new Cafe Press shop.  This gives us a chance to really try out a bunch of designs and put them out there for people.  We can also bulk order them through the web page so that when we are ready, we can actually get them into the physical store.  So check out our Cafe Press shop, and yes we will have a link to it on our primary web page as well.  Here is a link since you are already here.

Burning Spider Stoke Stuff

Other than that, we are just getting ready for our super grand opening.  Getting all the vendors lined up, getting the fixtures, and a thousand and one other boring retail stuffs that there is to do.

Some excitement community wise that will coincide with our grand opening will be the announcement of our skate team that we will be putting together.  We want to get a little more serious with our presence at the local contest level.  We are still ironing out the details, but it should be a pretty radical team with some good perks that will get the hole community involved on not only a local, but a extended local scale.  This part I am really pumped on.  One big reason is that I feel we will be contributing to some really talented skaters getting recognized, as well as having a hand in developing them for the future of the industry.  Seeing a young person grow, and develop, and set them up for success has got to be one of the better parts of the hole deal.

Stay Stoked

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