YSY? Who? What? When? Where? Why?

YSY? or You Stoked Yet?

It is an idea, and a question.  An affirmation of stoke-itude, and a touch back to make sure that we are on track.

Picture this.  You are on your social media outlet of choice, for the sake of the easiest example we will say YouTube.  You just get done watching the most completely radical thing you have ever seen, and right before you run out the door to go skate you say, “Wow!  This video got me so stoked I bet it will do the same for other people.”  So what do you do?  You like it, then you share it to FaceBook, and you let it sit.  I saw this happen time and time again.  Over and over, same set of behaviors and different circumstances, all the same execution.  It seemed to me that people where asking, “Are you as stoked as I was when I saw this?’, or, ” I hope that your so stoked when you see this video, or article, or product, or image, that you instantly want to go out and skate.”  Our industry seemed to repeat this over and over again.  In all the adds we see in our passionate lifestyle everyone is asking the same thing.  How to verbalize it?  What could I come up with to make it a simple question?

Another thing was going on while I was observing the goings on.  I was coming up with our motto.  Our mission statement, that all the books and outlets insisted we have to guide our company in all it’s decisions and ideals.  What was the one thing or phrasing that would guide us, and that we would be know for?  Around this time as well, my fascination with graffiti was getting larger and larger.  I wish I could remember the first time I came up with it, but I know the first instance of it’s use was to share a video on Facebook with our local community.

I posted the video and then for the description I put, “You Stoked Yet?  YSY?”  Hit the share button and sent it out into the world to see what the response would be.  It stuck almost instantly, several people followed suit and post YSY? after there own posts and I knew that the question everyone was asking with every post had been given verbiage.  Then the rest hit me after one of our early sales in the garage shop.

A customer came in and as we where wrapping up I asked him if he was stoked yet?  Then it all crystallized in my head.  That is our motto.  It is the end goal.  It is the one thing that no matter what decisions we make, product we carry, image we portray, video we post, share.  Every word that comes from our mouths is for that single purpose of spreading that stoke, and making sure that we have spread it.  Our purpose is to spread the stoke and passion we have in every form we can spread it.  We are in the business of getting people excited to skate, getting them the gear, motivation, new do-dad, ideal, thought, whisper of inspiration, or physical shove out the door if necessary to take their stoke and passion to the next level.  Our mission is our question, and our question is our affirmation and statement all in one.  YSY?

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