Day 2 in the new place

I am not going to go into huge detail on all the goings on every day, so I will just update everyone on what has happened to date.

As you may or may not discern we are now in a brand new location!  Yup, we have moved out of my garage, out of my house, packed up our game and headed out west.  Well not all the way out west but definitely  further west than we were.  I was running or at least trying to run the shop and work another job at the same time.  The killer thing, as much as I enjoyed doing what I was doing I could not serve customers or even spread the stoked message nearly as effectively as I would have liked only doing it once a week for a couple hours.  Some weeks not even at all.  Needless to say, my other job did not like to share.  So I did the only natural thing I could.  My wife and I got together weighed out the options, checked our piggy banks, and I quite…the other job.  So now we moved everything, sold everything that wouldn’t fit into the new smaller living arrangements, and now I am doing Burning Spider Stoke Company 24/7.  I should get some pictures of the current floor plan up soon.

We are now at a location that is super in the middle of everything.  It is at 1603 West 39th Street, Kansas City, Mo 64111.  In the heart of 39th Street and the Volker District.  A quick skate away from downtown, and really just in the middle of everything.  I have met more people in the short time we have been here than all the time we spent living in our other place.  Pretty amazing group of people.

So, we have a full retail space, we are in a banging neighborhood, what could be next?  Get in with all the companies that wouldn’t even return my applications that is what.  I really can’t blame them, but all the people that teamed up with us when we where in a garage have got my loyalty for forever, that is for sure.  So now it is all about getting more product, and getting some more stoke sent out, lift up this scene, and really get some gnarly stuff going on.

I hope to see everyone out and about, stay warm, stay stoked.

YSY? You Stoked Yet?

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