What the Haps Be

It just occurred to me as I sit here in the shop surrounded by all of this gear and general feeling of stoke, that I have not updated my fine friends on all the goings on.  This would have to be the calm before the storm of the holiday’s.  Yet don’t think that just because it has been calm that we aren’t rocking and be-bopping, nope there is a lot going on and much to come.  So let us see if we can give a good run down of What the Haps Be as it where.

First and for most in just over a month we will be kicking off our first major event.  Yup, September 28th we have teamed up with the local Gravity Racer/Garage Monster Club to host The No Gas Nationals at KesslerPark.

Looks like we are going to wait it out another year before we expand to another location.  We want to make sure we are getting into the right place, and have all of our ducks in a row so that when we do open our new location will stoke people out as well as have every possible longboard accessory or item a skater could need.

As a part of that we have been working on the shops clothing line.  YSY?  We are currently shopping around local business to make sure all the shirts, shorts, sweaters, hoodies, and all the stickers that are in the works are locally made to help support the people that help support us.  Stay tuned for these just like the name implies you are going to be rummaging around your closet or dresser see these clothes and instantly want to go out and skate.

We are linking up with a local band called NOVA to help get their music out into the ears of future fans on September 1st.  We will have a listening party as well as ramp kick off here at the shop.

I am going to post up links to both upcoming events, I hope to see all of you out here.  Support your local scene, support your local businesses, and support each other.


Nova Listening Sesh and Ramp Intro

2013 No Gas Nationals Run Watcha Brung Gravity Race !!!

The flyer for our first big event

The flyer for our first big event

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