First Quarter Down And Stoke Going Up

What a crazy past couple of months.  Let me see if I can get all the stuff that has been going down.

As promised in the New Year’s Resolution post.  We finally got in and built all of the BSSC house decks.  These look so sweet. I have videos on the way introducing the different shapes, but all of them come with Caliber Blackout 50 Degree trucks, ABEC 5 Bearings, and 70mm 78a wheels.  We are retailing these completes at $149.99, so it is a really great price for anyone, including people just getting into the sport that don’t want to lay down $200 + for a board that may or may not suit their needs.  These are really great boards in general and even though I am supposed to love them I really love them.  My OG W has been put through the ringer and is still rocking it hard, as well as my Pharaoh push race board.  Both have just been beasting it.

The wheel selection in the shop is coming right along as well.  Now that the house decks have been completed out we are going to build up our wheel selection, and you can’t have wheels without bearings and trucks as well.  My goal is to have the biggest wheel selection in the Kansas City market so we have some work to do.  Truck wise we have some great stuff coming from Surf Rodz with their line of trucks.  Every time I go to their web site it gets me so stoked to carry their line of trucks.  All of the people at that company love skating and getting people set up with truly one of the most adaptable styling set of trucks out there.  I can’t wait to get more of their trucks in.

Boards wise we got signed on with Bustin out of New York.  Yet another company that is just killing it with stoke.  All of their boards are so much fun to ride, including my favorite the YoFace.  Just a great company of people that love skating and getting people stoked.  We can’t forget one of my favorite bohrd companies, LightBohrd!  I bought the Magnum the shop had and it is so great to go downhill fast on.  Especially at night.  These guys make the tech needing with extreme durability have to having person in me squeal like a grom receiving their first board on Christmas.  So great.

BSSC is hosting our first session tomorrow at Kessler Park.  I am 91 days into my personal Stoke Challenge for 2013 and I found this really great stretch of road that is mostly flat and all push to train for the push races I am entering in this year.  So I thought to myself it would be cool to Tuesday and Thursday with a session/training meet up so people can come out check out what I have been doing for the past 91 days as well as get some good gear tips, and endurance stuff that I have been working on.  Not in Kansas City?  No problem check out my blog and keep up on how I am doing on my journey to skate at least one hour per day everyday of 2013.  Afterwards I will have the shop open so people can come in and get set up for their own personal challenges and general stoke needs.

Javid and Josh our team riders have been busy as well skating the bejesus out of everything.  I am really looking forward to seeing how they end up on some of the races and contests that we have slated for this year.  We have a race in Indiana this weekend, a race in Kansas the weekend after that…I think.  The whole crew is going to Hummel Havok in Nebraska, which will be my first push race after I have started training…..Hmm I think that is all this month.

Plans are moving forward to get a new location and the beginning of the loan application process so that we can have the shop open 6 days a week for everyone’s stoke needs.  This is going to be the sweetness for sure.  I figure 6 days a week of being open and then Sunday we can host a session at a skate spot so that we can get out and get people stoked as well as making sure we don’t fall out of the community that supports us is going to be awesome.

That be the haps my stoked out peeps.  Hope to see you out and about, and in the shop of course.

Stay Stoked

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