New Year’s Resolutions

Before one can tell you where we are going lets review where we have been.  We opened! Woot!  Slowly but surely the shop’s stock has been built up with our own line of boards one of which sold out almost the first week we launched it, and with boards and brands from all over,  like Lightbohrd, Seismic, Caliber, Hogwash, Surf Rodz, Black Velvet, Slide Distribution, Dregs, Incendo, Venom, and so many more that I havn’t even got in the shop yet but have lined up future orders with.

We have hosted sessions for people from several different states and brought together splintered groups of KC skaters to one central location to post up sessions.  We have pissed of several people that want to see our scene in the hands of those that don’t care.

We went to New York and handed out big heaping handfuls of stoke to some East Coast cats and got to see what a really great scene we can build with the help of all our locals.

We have established ourselves at a local level at First Friday’s in downtown Kansas City, and made several friends doing it.

We skated the absolute piss out of Kansas City and  Springfield, with some expansions into St. Louis and plans to skate there soon, but that is for 2013

2013 dude this year is going to be sick, if it was a calendar it would be the year of the Spider, the Burning Spider….get it….did you see what I did there?

Here is what the haps be my stoked peeps. First off, we are getting ready for the 2013 line of boards.  We are going to have some great art by some of the most creative minds in our scene, and have some great shapes and styles at an absolutely sick price.  We are talking like $130 completes to get you and your friends started or for those of you looking for a more advanced ride we are going to have some great prices for our high end trucks and goods too.

To sell all this great stuff to get you stoked even further, and to get a really sick home base of operations we are getting out of my garage and into a store front!  From there we already have plans to kick off and host an event for Green Skate for Go Skate Day, and in september plans are in the works for a Co-operative huge contest with the Gravity Sports guys here in Kansas City.

Other stuff in the works is T-Shirts to pimp our scene, and all sorts of goodies to rep your scene and make sure that all your friends know where to go for your stoked needs and desires.  We are working on getting in a program to recycle all of your old broken boards, through I ride I recycle and that is just the tip of the amazing year we are going to have rocking.  So stay tuned to our YouTube Channel @ Roaming Lenz, read about sessions at the open Burning Spider Group on Facebook, read about the 2013 Stoke Challenge at, and of course keep up on all the latest announcements here at and our Facebook page Burning Spider Stoke Company, LLC.

Stay Stoked

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