Can I tell you a Secret?

Do you know what stoke is?  Everyone has a different definition.  Let me tell you a little something.  Stoke is a feeling that you and I make.  Stoke is what we, it is what we make.    Everything we do in life is what we make it.  I am so very lucky to be here and doing what it is that I do.  What do I do?  I get people so excited, for what ever it is you do.  I get people stoked.

For me stoke, is that feeling of knowing I am doing exactly what it is I am supposed to do.  This is universal.  People, get excited.  This life, any life is what we make it.  The energy we put in is exactly what we get out.  Think about this for as long as it takes.  We live in whatever it is that we think of.  The energy we give off, the thoughts we choose to let grow, grow.

Think of something, anything.  Believe in what it is, what it stands for, be grateful for  getting it, and it will no matter what, it will happen.  Don’t believe me, let me tell you a story.

My childhood was filled with whatever excuse people use to hold themselves back that people can come up with.  Broken home, check.  Lack off attention from parents, check, blah blah blah blah.  It doesn’t matter.  Look at what I have accomplished!   I know what I want, and I believe that I will get them.

I know that I have the absolute best team ever.  Ever!  My team, man let me tell you about the team here at BSSC. Let’s start with my partner, Billy Angus (aka Spider).  This guy has had it even harder than I had growing up.  He made some decisions in his life that caused some issues, made him stronger.  Made him ready for what we are doing today.  He has a bad ass wife, kick ass kids, and he is my best friend.  This dude when we where growing up together, used to stop me from doing whatever it is that I doing and we went skating.  From whenever to 3am almost every day.  He has my back, he is dedicated to making that absolute best brand of boards anyone has ever seen, and this guy can skate.  Loves skating, loves every single thing about it.  Short board, long board, no board.  This guy is like a freaking Honey Badger, he doesn’t give a shit, man he just goes for it.  Balls out, all the time.

Our main artist, Justing Griswold, OMG!  Talk about a dude with a vision, this guys sees it.  He sees it all.  I get an idea bounce it off his dome, this guy gets it, makes it, rocks it makes it better.  Vitruvian Skater, this guy right f’n here.  He wants to show everyone, wants to enjoy art, wants people to get excited, lives stoke.  I have known him for only a short time, but I would straight up punch a baby if he told me it would be a good picture on the bottom of a board.  Dedication, to his friends, his family, his faith, and you want to see a model of a stoked monk.  This guy.  No doubt no equal.  Baby Punched!

The next two guys, I really can’t mention without the other.  Josh and Javid, my double J’s.  We have two of the best riders in Kansas City.  These guys eat, sleep, breath long boarding.  Challenge them, put a big heaping pile of stoke on the fire and stand back.  They want to go faster, stronger, harder, and do it with sick style.  They help us, give us an insight to items we might have missed.  They are more than just our riders, they are our friends and have a huge part to play with BSSC.

How does any of this prove that we are the energy we put in to the world.  Because I saw all of this, I need and believe in these guys, before the company even started.  I believe in living, and giving  to every single person, every single ounce of any type of stoke that I can give.  Here is the deal.  People are worried, that, “Oh!  There isn’t enough of all this awesome to go around.”  I can’t run out, my life is stoked.  My life is stoked, because I want it to be.  My life is stoked because I know I want to give it all.  Every single person I know, ask them, ask them.  Dude is this guy for real.  They will most likely just look at you.  So here is your part of the bargain.  Go skate, if that is what you want.  Believe in what it is you can do.  Believe in what BSSC can do for you.  We can not do it with out you, but the great thing is I believe we need you, and I am so honored to be able to help you guys get you stoked.  My goal in life is to get you stoked and get you what you need to get you there.

Positivity, shit, I have got more than enough.  What do you want?  You have everything you need to get what you want.  See it, believe it, share it, see it.  See it.  You are the one that makes all the important things happen in your life.  It takes one start, one happy thought, believe there is so much you can never run out.  Get excited people, get stoked.

We are.

One thought on “Can I tell you a Secret?

  1. im so stoked after reading that ,That im gonna make a baby in your skaTE SHOP & THEN punch it and name it Burnt-ham. Im stoked bitches!!!

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