Shop Update 11/14/12

My my how far along the shop has come.  We are still in my garage but plans are underway to go full scale this spring.  The wheel and truck shelf that we built is complete all the way.  We have several different Seismic Wheels, several different truck, with more on the way, and bunch of helmets, and I actually have several companies in cue to get orders in so I can get more stuff in.  It is really coming a long.

Currently on FaceBook we have a contest going on.  The team and I kept trying to come up with a logo that “symbolized ” us.  Nothing was coming to mind.  So we turned to the community and asked them to draw some.  So far we have gotten some really great entries.  In the end we will put it to a vote with likes and go from there.  The winner will get their choice of a Burning Spider Board!  I’m just excited to get some more of our boards out there.

The trip to New York was great too.  We skated the Broadway Bomb!  Super legit, “event”.  It was even more hardcore than anticipated just because the city tried to cancel right before.  They were threatening arrest for any person with a longboard and everything.  Pretty intense, a lot of people chickened out, not us.  We came here to skate NY and come hell or high water that is what we are going to do.  Shoot if it wasn’t for us starting a little down the way we would have missed it completely.  It seems that the race started a few minutes earlier than what they said, but we had a blast all the same.

That is most of what is going on right now.  Going to get some more articles on products and videos too.  Going to  make this a weekly post kinda deal.

thanks for your support

Joe Burnham


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