Skate Play Lists to get you Stoked

There is nothing quite like popping on one’s headphones, getting all padded up (helmets at least people) and cruising around your neighborhood.

I have this hill by my house, it’s not to steep, not too mellow.  Real light on traffic.  Before today I skated to the top, then skated to the bottom.  If I felt extra crispy I try to work on a few slides, but other than that just cruised.  Got in some kick push to excise real world demons kind o’thing.

Today was different, today my skate break had a playlist that I have been combing over, removing, adding tweaking for the past two weeks.  So put in my headphones, turned on the list, and took off.  An hour later I was wrapping up one of the most progressive rides that hill has seen so far.  I can’t wait to shred it with other people and really put some good lines up.

My point is this.  Number one music and skating go together like bearings and wheels.  It can take your stoke to a whole new level and enhance your ride.  Some may say that putting in headphones is dangerous when you need to be listening for traffic.  True, but there is a way to do it without endangering yourself and others.

Step One:

Get a playlist, any length, any number of songs, whatever music gets you pumped up.  Don’t forget to name it something funky.  Mine is simply Skate & Stoke.

Step Two:

Put said playlist on a listening device of your choice.  Food for thought on this one.  Since you will be skating at a heightened level of stoke, make sure A) your device of choice can withstand a beating, nothing kills a good session faster that figuring out how you are going to pay for a new 500 dollar high tech phone music awesome device after it took the brunt of a fall.

Step Three:

Headphone Selection

This one is where we make decisions that make the difference between safely doing this and not safely doing this.  Don’t use headphones that cancel out outside noise.  That outside noise keeps you alive, aware, and not injured or causing injury.  I have a pair of Munito Bullets.  These things are boss.  Reinforced Kevlar wires, aluminum casing for the ear buds, and the thing that makes them perfect is these little plastic clips that clip to the headphones that then go around my ears.  These clips are not even noticeable when I have them in and the hold the headphones just outside my ear.  Allowing me to hear my music without blearing it, as well as hear the stuff going on around me.  Nothing like a techno beat along with the sound of my wheels on pavement.

Step Four:

Volume-Sweet so now we have safe headphone selection that allows us to hear around ourselves, and the music lets crank that shit up to 10!  Yup genius.  Listen at a level that you can hear both your music and your surroundings.  One so you can hear your surroundings, two so you don’t go deaf by the end of your ride.  I will start out with one volume and then by the end of the ride have it turned down.  Your ears will adjust and pick up the sound no sense in going deff while trying to cram the music in your skull.

Step Five:

Skate, skate safe, where a helmet.  If you have the right mix of tunes your stoke levels rise you are going to be shredding some gnar at super enhanced levels.  So you will crash.  If your not stoked with your playlist…back to the drawing board, get new tunes, get a helmet.

Well that is all I have for today.  Hope to see y’all at the shop soon.  Get stoke, spread stoke, skate safe.

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