Pantheon Wanderlust

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Length – 37″
WB – 27 3/4″


It won't be the last drop down drop through (Double Drop) deck that you will buy, but it will last so long that the only other options may be hover boards by the time it wears out.  If there was an award for most versatile do what ever you want, need, don't realize you need, super durable best feeling double drop deck on the market, not only would this board easily take the prize, it would outlast the other competitors by hundreds of miles, if not thousands, and would most likely outlast the board you bought to replace the board you should have bought in the first place.

The Wanderlust is the deck of choice for extremes in Long Distance Pushing.  It has withstood the rigors of our annual Knob Noster Knasty pushes, as well as frequent unrelenting pushes along the Indian Creek Trail, and 113 mile Southside Pushes.  

If you are a bigger dude this board can take your weight.

Control, durability, board feel, versatile set ups for multiple disciplines, ample wheel clearance.  Whatever you got, this board can handle it.


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